Nessun Dharma is an artist duo of Matteo Bonera and Michele Zuccarelli Gennasi. In 2017 they founded the art collective Nessun Dharma, investigating the sonic matter and its relation between spirituality and natural and architectural space.

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Multimedia 13’ 28’’
Premiered at Duomo Vecchio in Brescia, Requiem448 is a multimedia work of generative art and data sonification based on the Covid-19 data from Bergamo and Brescia, created by Nessun Dharma. It is numerically generated using the Istat database, which contains information about the Covid-19 victims in the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia. In the temporal development of the audiovisual flow, each second of the piece corresponds to a day, from January 1, 2020, to March 18, 2022, which marked the first celebration of the national day established in memory of the pandemic victims. The number of sound and visual events per second equals the number of deaths that day. The dramatic development of the work follows moments of high intensity caused by the so-called "waves" and moments of relative calm. The aesthetics of Requiem448 combine polyrhythms of idiophone timbres with data visualization. It is related to the Land Music project, a commemorative bell concert covering an area of 7,500 km2, involving the bell towers of over a thousand parishes in the 448 municipalities of the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia.
Land Music – (2023)Territory-specific performance – Bergamo e Brescia Capitale della Cultura 2023
Land Music is a territory-specific data-driven performance created for Bergamo Brescia Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2023. It consists in making all the bell towers present on the over 7,500km2 of territory simultaneously concerted; resulting in the spatially largest concert ever performedLand Music happened on March 18, 2023, the national day in memory of the victims of Covid. Land Music was a hyperobject. It manifested itself for about 5/1000 of the Earth's rotation. It affected an area of ​​7,500km2. It involved over a thousand bell towers that rang over 13,000 chimes. It was heard by potentially 2,400,000 people. The anti-formal character of land art resonates in it.
Air sculptureSpatial.io version (2022)Metaverse performance – Spatial.io
The Drone Day is the world's annual celebration of experimental sounds festival that took place on May the 29th, 
Air sculpture (2021)Site specific performance/installation – Chiesa dei Santi Giacomo e Filippo, Italy
On the occasion of 2021's Drone Day, the world's annual celebration of experimental sounds festival that took place on May the 29th, Nessun Dharma performed a 3 hour-long sound installation at Chiesa dei Santi Giacomo e Filippo in Brescia, Italy. Air sculpture performance on the occasion of the drone day 2021.Discover more, and watch the full performance:

Or experience Air Sculpture in the Spatial Metaverse:

Sound is dogma (2020)Air sculpture by Matteo Bonera Guitars & Modulars – and Michele Zuccarelli Gennasi – Percussions & SynthsPlastic box and laser prints on acetate and pvc.
142 × 125 × 10 mm (5.59 × 4.92 × 0.39 in).
Total volume 177.5 cm³.
Produced in 2020.Live performances were recorded between March 2017 and December 2018. Mixed & mastered in April 2020 by Michele Zuccarelli Gennasi. Visual design by Matteo Bonera.

Sound is Dogma is the first physical album ever that doesn't contain any music

By ordering this sculpture, you'll receive one of the 100 numbered copies of Sound is Dogma
Per la stessa ragione del suono (2018)Site specific performance/installation – Notte della Cultura a Palazzo Broletto, Brescia, ItalyA drone night with just a single key (C).

Artists involved: Masala Duo (Simone Mor at Rubab & Maurizio Murdocca at tabla), Nessun Dharma and Accursio

Improvisational performances

Improvisational performance, November 2017
Improvisational performance, November 2018
Improvisational performance, April 2018


Stefano Malosso, director of Limina Rivista, interviewed the artists to deepen the artistic vision of the duo, from their background to the concept behind Sound is Dogma.The interview took place in Milan in August 2020, and the result is an intense article published on Medium.Read it and feel free to share it with your audience.  
In order to let the audience reach the highest level of physical experience Nessun Dharma strongly believe that the live performance must create a dialogue between air sculpture, space and architecture.Please consider to book us a performance in a kellar, a church, your flat or in the woods.Please share your thoughts on a plausible collaboration with us.

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